Key West Firehouse Museum
         1026 Grinnell St.
Corner of Virginia and Grinnell
         Key West, FL  33040
        Phone 305-849-0678

Lifetime Members

Mark And Joan Langley   
 Key West, Florida

 Mr and Mrs
John Rintamaki

Ann Arbor Michigan

Clark and Jean Shannon
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Key West, Florida

Local and firefighter discount
Children 12 and under free

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     Old Firehouse Preservation, Inc.   

A non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration,preservation, and maintenance of Fire House No. 3 as an historic site and museum dedicated to the collection, preservation,interpretation  and  exhibition of artifacts about firefighting in the Southernmost city of Key West               


The Key West Firehouse Museum is primarily supported by donations and memberships.  Please help us to keep the tradition of firefighting in the Florida Keys alive for future generations by donating or becoming a member


Membership Information
To Donate or become a member, please fill out this form and hit "SUBMIT" After which you can make a payment either by hitting the "Donate" button or by mailing a check to:

Old Firehouse Preservation, Inc.
P.O. Box 5563
Key West, FL  33040-5563

 Single   $15 /year  \               / Unlimited Admission   
                                Donation   10% Discount on T-Shirts  
 Family   $30 /year  /               \ Membership Card                                         
 Lifetime  $500             Unlimited Admission                    
                                  10% Discount on T-Shirts
                                  Membership Card  
                                  Wall Plaque


Single $15 /yearFamily $30/year
Lifetime $500      Donation      

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