Key West Firehouse Museum
         1026 Grinnell St.
Corner of Virginia and Grinnell
      Key West, FL  33040
        Phone 305-849-0678

   Local and firefighter discount
   Children 12 and under free

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     Here is a
   of some of the
 things you'll see
         at the
      Key West
Firehouse Museum

Antique Apparatus
  On Display in the engine bay is our 1929 American La France pumper.  Donated to the museum in 1998 by Ed Swift of HTA in honor of Fire Chief Richard (Dickie) Wardlow and Watch Commander Frank Vega

Coal Pit
  In the second bay is the original brick floor with one of the only known indoor coal pits.  This is where coal was stored for use with the horse drawn steamer

Early 1900's Alarm System
  Also on the first floor  are some of the original alarm boxes and indicators used at the turn of the last century.  Watch as a signal is sent through the operational system to the indicators and a ticker tape machine from the 1950's

Replica Horse Stall
   See one of the horse stalls as it would have been back then

  Walk through the living and sleeping quarters and see the galvanized pole with it's trap doors

Chief's Wall
  View pictures of the chiefs of the Key West Fire Department dating back to the 1800's.  Complete with some of their gear and the desk of Chief Joseph (Bum) Farto

Back Yard
  As you tour the grounds, you will see the hose trough, used for washing hoses after a fire, the fire bell which was located in a tower at the cemetary and rang to alert of a fire and for curfew.
Also take a moment to observe the Memorial Piece of steel from the North Tower of the World Trade Center which was presented to us by members of the FDNY at a ceremony on September 11, 2012 to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of this tragic event in which so many perished.

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